Upgradelights Bamboo Style Mini 4 Inch Clip on Chandelier Lamp Shade (2.5x4x4.25)

  • $25.99

  • Bamboo Shade Dimensions: 2.5 X 4 X 4.25 Inches (Top X Bottom X Slant Height. See "How to Measure Lamp Shade" below in product description). Size is ideal for any chandelier.
  • Empire Style Chandelier Lamp Shade Replacement. Ergonomically designed to project optimal light.
  • Rust-resistant brass flame clip (designed to clip on to a candelabra bulb). Suggested maximum wattage: 40 watts
  • All Natural Bamboo is carefully woven with wicker braiding, providing softly filtered light. The combination of rustic and retro style make this shade ideal for any décor.
  • Highly durable hand woven design with fully lined bronze interior. This shade is sure to last through the years.
Spice up any room with this fantastic mini bamboo chandelier shade. Fully lined bronze silk and wicker braiding. The included rust-resistant brass flame clip attaches right to the candelabra bulb (up to 40 watt max). Ergonomically designed to provide optimal light. Design is both classy and chic, perfect for any decor. Incredibly durable construction, built to stand the test of time. All Natural Bamboo is carefully woven, providing softly filtered light. *Special Note: How to Measure Lampshade 1. Measure across the TOP of the lamp shade 2. Measure across the BOTTOM of the lamp shade 3. Measure along the SLANT HEIGHT (side) of the lamp shade.

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