Upgradelights Amber Mica 18 Inch Hex Floor Lampshade 12x18x11

  • $299.99

  • DIMENSIONS: 12 Inches across the top (from point to point), 18 inches across the bottom (from point to point), 11 inch slant height. Perfect size for floor lamp.
  • UNIQUE HEX SHAPE is ergonomically designed to provide optimal light, stunning with lights on or off.
  • ORGANIC MICA MATERIALS with a smooth shellac finish provides multi-dimensional color with a fabulous bronze glow.
  • RUST-RESISTANT BRASS Washer with built-in reflector notches. Fitter sits on top of the lamp harp and is secured by a finial. Fitter has a 1/2 inch drop into top of shade, inner dimension of washer ring measures ½ inch.
  • RICH AMBER COLOR casts a warm glow, adding a touch of cozy style to any room.
Bring a touch of warmth to any room with this stunning Amber Mica Shade. This Victorian inspired lampshade is made from all natural mica materials with a glossy shellac finish. The unique hex shape compliments a variety of decor. Brass spider reflector fitter has built-in notches to be used with a glass reflector bowl (if desired).

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