6" Eggshell Silk Chandelier Shades Set of Nine Shades Have a 6 Inch Diameter and Clip on to the Bulb

  • $74.99

Upgradelights White Eggshell Silk 6 Inch Diameter Chandelier Shades that clip onto bulb (Set of Nine Shades)

  • 6 Inch Shantung Silk Chandelier Shades
  • Dimensions: 3 inch top, 6 inch bottom, 5.75 inch height or side slant
  • Brass Flame clip (clips onto 40 watt candelabra bulb)
  • Luxurious White Eggshell Shantung Silk Fabric with fully lined silk interior
  • Top Quality Luxury Fabric (fine tailored with matching trim on top and bottom).

*Set of Nine Shades

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These shades will fit your chandelier small candle lamps and wall sconces perfectly. They use a flame clip to attach right to your bulb.

Material Type: Silk

Style: Traditional

Shape: Soft Bell

Upgradelights eggshell Silk Chandelier Shades Set of Nine Shades inches top by 6 across the bottom and 5.75 inch in height European bell style clips onto a flame bulb Matching trim Top and Bottom Silk Lined soft shade | Material Type: fabric | Finish: | | Style: Traditional | Material: Fabric | Shape: Drum | Special Features: Sizes perfect for Chandelier; brass clip; ; ;

Fitter: FLAME CLIP (FC) Fitter designed to fit over a Candelabra bulb base. (Most clip-on lampshadesare designed with a flame clip) Suggested maximum wattage is 60-watt candelabra bulb. Brass frame that is also rust resistant. Lining is white.